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How a Trip to the Wound Care Specialist Could Change Your Life

You might think that infected wound will heal naturally and leave you in peace without having to visit a wound care specialist; however, there can be a bit of a twist to this situation. Have you heard of severe chronic venous ulceration? A case of chronic venous ulceration Chronic Venous Ulceration occurs when someone has […]

What your Wound Clinic is doing to Protect Public Health and Safety

While people are trying to stay indoors and help slow the spread, healthcare providers are remaining vigilant with patients visiting a wound clinic. There are new guidelines in place now, to help keep everyone safe while addressing health concerns outside the realm of COVID-19. Basics of implementing preventive measures Proper infection control has already been […]

Qualities You Want in Your Wound Specialist

There are different types of wounds that need proper medical attention. Each type needs to be given specific medical attention that any qualified wound specialist should know. Different types of wound Since wounds can happen many different ways, there are also various types of wounds that require special treatment. Incised wound – This is the […]

Chronic Wound Assessment and Treatment

Chronic wounds are those that did not heal within the expected time frame. Chronic wounds are also known as non-healing wounds affecting many the worldwide population. Due to failure to complete wound healing, chronic wounds can greatly impact the quality of life because of anxiety, depression, financial burden, and social isolation. The prevalence of chronic […]

Signs of Abnormal Wound Healing

What is Wound Healing? Wound healing is the process of repairing and replacing damaged tissue with newly produced tissue. It goes through 4 different stages; hemostasis, clotting, proliferation, and maturation. A wound heals depending on how big and deep the cut is. It may take several weeks or months for a wound to completely heal. […]

Signs of a Skin Infection, Types, and Treatments

Skin infection is a condition where fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites have invaded your skin and the tissues underneath. Any skin condition like a cut, bite, sting, puncture, or piercing can be potentially infected when germs get into your wound. Although in most cases, an infected wound only happens on the skin surface and can […]

The Personal Approach a Wound Specialist Brings

A wound specialist is a professionally trained health care provider who cares and treats all types of wounds. Acute and chronic types of wounds are handled by wound care professionals. Complex and non-healing wounds are handled by wound specialists. While doctors and primary care physicians are qualified to treat wounds, wound specialists have undergone a […]

The Four Things Your Wound Care Clinic Needs to Do Properly

The country has been fighting a silent battle against chronic wounds and it’s getting worse every year. In 2009 alone, more than $25 billion was spent on wound care in the United States and that number keeps on increasing. A wound care clinic plays a crucial role in keeping the statistic of chronic wounds low […]

On Wound Healing: Do Wounds Need Air to Heal?

Wounds are a part of life. Whether it’s a simple bruise or a huge cut, you will have to deal with a wound at some point, which is why it’s very important to know the foundations of wound healing. One of the biggest questions that most people have is, “do wounds need air to heal?” […]