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Wounds Treated At San Diego Wound Care Center

Wounds can be a serious matter when left untreated. So the best thing that you can do is to prevent it from becoming a major issue due to bacterial infection. Such would include the services provided at the San Diego Wound Care Center.     But you might ask which types of conditions are treated […]

Ways to Tell If a Cut Is Infected

It is always a concern for everyone to check if a particular cut has signs of wound infection. In fact, an infected cut may lead to a serious illness when left untreated. Most cases that involve tiny cuts have greater chances of developing skin infections, such as MRSA, staph, or strep.       How […]

The Different Ways to Accelerate Wound Healing

You aren’t expected to heal immediately after visiting a wound clinic. Whether the wound is small or located on a body part you don’t put weight on, the bottom line is healing takes time. That said, there are ways to speed up the process some.   Be Patient Wounds take time to heal and getting […]

Reasons Why Chronic Wounds Aren’t Healing

Different types of wounds typically take a certain amount of time to heal. It also goes through a particular phase of healing, and when deviations occur along the way, the wound is considered chronic in nature.   Normally, wounds are closed up within a few hours after an injury since the risk of infection rises […]

The Different Dressings Used for Chronic Wound Treatment

Wounds follow certain patterns on the way to healing. Of the two main types of wounds, the chronic variety deviates from the normal process. The deviation occurs due to a disruption at one or more points of the healing phases.   A wound that doesn’t heal in a timely fashion causes emotional and physical stress […]

4 Tips to Preventing Surgical Wound Infection

Surgical wound infection is the most common type of hospital infection, and it is also the most expensive. In the United States alone, 300,000 patients suffer from an infected wound every year, but this number can be decreased significantly with proper wound care and management. Here are four tips to prevent surgical wound infection and […]

5 Key Factors in Diabetic Wound Treatment and Healing

Diabetes Mellitus continues to afflict millions of people around the world. In fact, it is estimated that by 2030, 550 million around the world will have diabetes, 25% of which will develop foot ulcers during their lifetime often requiring diabetic wound treatment.     It is a known fact that diabetes slows down wound healing […]