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How a Wound Can Become Infected

Wounds can become infected in a number of different ways through various infectious agents. Virus Infection Viruses may range in a variety of sizes and shapes. But outside a living cell, a virus is just a dormant particle. So it requires a host cell to go into action, as it highjacks the metabolic machinery of […]

How Wounds Are Typically Closed

Do you know that wounds must be closed so that they can heal quickly without infection or with minimal scarring? There are many ways that a wound or surgical incision can be kept tightly closed. Sometimes, incisions or wounds may not be closed during surgery but only after the healing has started. Keeping wounds closed […]

Wound Healing and Diabetes: Improving Wound Healing

Poor blood circulation due to diabetes can slow the process of wound healing. Slow circulation also slows the blood and the necessary nutrients to reach wounds.  With slow blood circulation, wounds also heal slowly. Or worse, wounds may not heal at all. People with diabetes must take extra precautions; avoid getting into accidents, or falls […]

Open Wounds and When to Visit a Wound Care Center

An open wound is an injury caused by accidents or sharp objects. It is the type of injury that exposes the internal tissue out in the external environment. Minor open wounds can be treated at home with home and natural remedies or medication. For open wounds caused by serious accidents, proper medical care must be […]

The Immune System’s Role in Wound Healing

It might not be talked about as much as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, but chronic wounds are one of the most devastating medical conditions around the world. Medical experts dub it as the silent epidemic because it affects so many people around the world causing high morbidity and mortality rates. In the United States […]

Chronic Wounds in the U.S. Today: Everything You Need to Know

When you think about a wound, you don’t usually see it as something as serious as hypertension, diabetes or cancer. But in reality, at least 6.7 million Americans live with chronic wounds and more than $25 billion is spent on chronic wound care each year. Although chronic wounds are rarely seen in healthy individuals, those […]

Hospitals and Wound Care Management

Wounds need proper care to repair and heal. Wound care wound healing and complications are here to stay. The demands of wound care are increasing over the years. Hospitals have established their wound care management team to accommodate the growing patient population. The wound care centers in hospitals are established to provide a comprehensive and […]

Signs of Poor Wound Healing

There are different types of wounds that are caused by a variety of reasons. It can be due to an accident, trauma, or medical reasons. Every wound goes through different stages of wound healing depending on the size and severity of the cut. Small scrapes and cuts heal faster compared to larger wound openings, abrasions, […]

What You Need to Know About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Wound healing is still one of the most studied areas in health today. With millions of people suffering from chronic wounds around the world, the quest for different types of techniques and therapies that help promote wound healing still continue to this day. One of the most popular wound care methods is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. […]

The Four Things You Need to Know About Jelonet Wound Dressing

Although not as widely discussed as bigger health conditions like cancer, diabetes or heart disease, a chronic wound is actually considered a silent epidemic because, in the United States alone, 6.5 million patients are suffering from it. In fact, at least 1-2% of the population in developed countries has experienced a chronic wound in their […]