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Wound Assessment: The First Step to a Proper Treatment Plan

Over 6.5 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds each year and the cost for treating them amounts to more than $25 billion. Today, these numbers are continuously increasing due to an ageing population and a huge rise in cases of obesity and diabetes not only in America but also across the world.     This […]

The Glossary of Essential Wound Care Terms and Definitions

If you need wound care, it’s essential you know what treatment options are available. But in order to communicate clearly with your provider and wound care team about what potential procedures might be optimal, it’s helpful to know the most common terms used in the field of wound care. To make it simple for you, […]

8 Ways to Practice Proper Wound Care at Home

Knowing how to practice proper wound care at home is an essential skill. There are a few ways to classify a wound: An abrasion is a scrape; a puncture is when a pointed, sharp object breaks the skin; an avulsion is when the skin is torn severely enough to expose tissue; a laceration is another […]

Why Diabetes Slows Down the Healing Process

More than 100 million people in the United States live with pre-diabetes or diabetes, and the numbers are increasing rapidly each year. The bad news is, diabetes doesn’t stop within the disease. It also comes with a long list of complications that don’t only add burden to the affected individual but also affect their quality […]

Chronic Wound Management: Learning the Basics

A chronic wound can cause a great deal of pain, discomfort and even debilitation for a patient. Whether it’s a venous stasis ulcer, a bed sore or a non-closing surgical incision, chronic wound care and management is essential to promote faster healing and help the patient get back to their quality of life.   To […]