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The Four Things Your Wound Care Clinic Needs to Do Properly

The country has been fighting a silent battle against chronic wounds and it’s getting worse every year. In 2009 alone, more than $25 billion was spent on wound care in the United States and that number keeps on increasing. A wound care clinic plays a crucial role in keeping the statistic of chronic wounds low and it should be your first port of call whenever you suffer from any kind of wound.

With this in mind, you need to know these four things that your wound care clinic needs to do properly:

Its staff should be properly trained.

Effective wound care needs a special set of skills. This is why it’s very important for all members of a wound care clinic to be trained properly in this practice. A lot of clinics may claim that their staff is trained when only their ostomy nurses and doctors have received true residency.

Wounds should be properly assessed.

Proper wound healing begins with proper debridement and this can only be achieved when the wound is assessed thoroughly before any treatment could be done.

A wound care clinic needs to have a thorough assessment procedure for all patients for the healthcare team to determine the right debridement procedure and other treatment options for them.

Wound care should be customized.

There is no one-size-fits-all in wound care since each wound is different and so is the response of the patient to it. A good wound care clinic should know this, which is why each treatment plan has to be created according to the patient’s needs.

This is especially true for using wound care products where choices can be overwhelming and it’s critical to choose the right products and use them properly to promote successful wound healing and avoid complications. A customized treatment plan will not only help a patient get the best results but also reduce the costs of treatment significantly by making sure that only the most effective products are used.

A holistic approach should be implemented.

A lot of wound care clinics focus only on addressing the wound but not the entire healing process itself. So after assessing the wound, cleaning it, and prescribing medications, patients are usually left to care for their wound at home and not have any guidance as they go through the journey of wound healing.

But a good wound care clinic will not only offer the best treatments but also keep track of the patient’s healing rate so adjustments can be made depending on the progress of his treatment.

The bottomline

It’s been proven over the years that poor wound care translates to bigger costs and severe outcomes and complications for patients.

So if you’re suffering from a wound and you would want to get the best results from your treatment, it’s very important to find the right wound care clinic to offer you the best service possible.

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