wound care specialist

The Personal Approach a Wound Specialist Brings

A wound specialist is a professionally trained health care provider who cares and treats all types of wounds. Acute and chronic types of wounds are handled by wound care professionals. Complex and non-healing wounds are handled by wound specialists.

While doctors and primary care physicians are qualified to treat wounds, wound specialists have undergone a 3-year rigorous wound care program and qualifying exams to handle such a job.

They are the most competent, qualified, and fit for wound care, treatment, and management. They also have to continuously undergo a series of training, education credits, and certifications to keep up with the latest developments, techniques, and technology regarding wound care.

Types of wounds suited for wound specialists

Although wounds due to injury can be treated at home, serious or severe wounds need to be treated in the hospital. For wounds with signs of infection such as redness, swelling, bad smell, increased pain, or gives one fever, you should go to the doctor immediately.

However, certain types of wounds need special treatment and care from a wound specialist such as wounds due to traumatic injury, vascular ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and other wounds that are non-healing due to certain health conditions.

Benefits of having a wound specialist

Working with wound care specialists can aid in your speedy recovery and healing.  Unlike a regular primary care provider, wound specialists offer a personalized approach and treatment based on the patient’s wound type, medical condition and history, and preferences.  

Using the patient’s data wound care specialists will then develop a plan and program to help speed up the recovery and healing.

Since the would care management plan is individually designed based on your circumstances, you will be given the most appropriate technique, the kind of dressing you are most comfortable with, and the best therapy suitable to your condition. With these plans specifically planned for you, it will be easier for you to comply.

Wound care specialists also reduce the risk of wound infections. Improper wound care can lead to serious damages, especially for diabetic patients. Poorly treated infected foot ulcers can lead to foot or leg amputations.

With a knowledgeable and certified wound specialist, you are assured that your wound receives the essential and most effective care available. With a specialized wound care program, the approach is not just about treating the wound but also involves reducing the pain, discomfort, and circulation to promote better and faster recovery.

Also, wound care specialists give you access to the latest treatments and technologies which are not available in primary care facilities. For complex, hard to heal, and non-healing wounds, wound care specialists can use the vacuum-assisted wound closure to promote tissue growth, healing while reducing swelling.

Another method is the ultrasound treatment which increases circulation, reduces swelling and pain, and stimulates tissue growth. These are just two of the most advanced techniques to wound treatment that your wound specialist can administer based on your medical findings.

Certified wound care specialists will educate you and your family regarding the proper treatment and management of your wound. Most of all wound care specialists can help you make the best lifestyle choices, understanding your wound and its proper care to promote speedy healing.

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