Acute Wound Care: Why a Wound Care Center is your Best Bet

In the United States alone, millions of patients suffer from acute wounds that Medicare spends as much as $96.8 billion on wound treatment each year.

This is why acute wound care has never been more important because it is crucial to the prognosis of any kind of wound as it involves the basic principles in wound management like pain relief, proper dressing, wound cleaning and patient instruction.

While these procedures are considered fundamental, they are still best done in a wound care center for several reasons:

 A Wound Care Center follows the Basic Principles of Sterility

There are two types of acute wounds. Traumatic wounds are those incurred due to an injury caused by force including punctures, abrasions, and lacerations.

Surgical wounds, on the other hand, are purposefully created by a healthcare professional. Both these acute wounds demand proper care following the basic principles of sterility, which aims to completely eliminate the possibility of infection.

A wound care center has a team of healthcare professionals who will only perform wound care procedures using the principles of sterility.     


 A Wound Care Center knows the Steps to Take in Proper Wound Care

A wound care center specializes in acute, traumatic and burn wounds that are at high risk for infection if not treated properly. Since each wound is different, healthcare professionals need to make necessary medically important decisions throughout the treatment program of a patient.

It could be the frequency of dressing changes, evaluating the wound’s progress or addressing signs of infection like the smell, discharges, and bleeding. San Diego Wound Care knows exactly what to do to ensure that each wound is treated properly for the best outcomes.

A Care Center helps Speed up Healing and Recovery

Every patient suffering from a wound would want to recover fast and get back to his daily life. This is why it pays to seek the help of healthcare professionals from San Diego Wound Care to make sure that wounds heal faster and the patient recovers fully from the injury.

Proper wound care also helps minimize scarring, which is a very important part of the emotional healing of patients, especially those who incurred the wound because of a traumatic experience.

A Wound Care Center can Assist a Patient Throughout their Treatment Journey

More than the wound itself, the psychological and emotional aspects of wound healing are also integral parts in acute wound care. A wound care center knows this and will create a treatment plan that fits the patient’s journey best.

This doesn’t only include proper wound care but also counseling sessions that will aid the patient in his recovery from the traumatic experience that caused his wound.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, successful acute wound care depends highly on the right wound care center. Whether you have a traumatic or surgical wound, it’s very important to work with the right healthcare professionals in ensuring that you get the best outcome for your wound treatment.

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