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Spotlight: Get to Know Your Wound Care Surgeons

Dr. Anatoly Bulkin and Dr. Alexander Chang run one of the top wound care clinics in San Diego. We sat down with these expert surgeons, to find out about their unique approach to wound care.


Dr. Anatoly Bulkin

Dr. Bulkin shifted to wound care as a natural progression from the field of limb salvage, having worked as a fellowship-trained surgeon in Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy. He is also board-certified in Vascular Medicine, Wound Care and General Surgery.

As one of the surgeons at San Diego Wound Care Center, Dr. Bulkin believes in treating the patient first, and the wound second. That means he performs a comprehensive approach that also targets any underlying health problems that could interfere with proper healing and effective treatment.

He’s proud that San Diego Wound Care Center offers patients the chance to work with board-certified surgeons using a multidisciplinary approach. But he’s also passionate about educating the public on wound care and vascular diseases. According to Dr. Bulkin, they “are a huge issue that gets little attention.”

Still, Dr. Bulkin is a compassionate physician at heart, and his favorite part of working at SDWCC is patient care.

While Dr. Bulkin believes that there’s still more to be done in terms of medical research in the field of wound care, his focus is making sure that San Diego Wound Care Center is at the forefront of the field.


Dr. Alexander Chang

Like Dr. Bulkin, Dr. Alexander Chang joined the wound care field because of its natural extension of his work as a vascular surgeon. But, Dr. Chang saw that traditional approaches to wound care had more of an emphasis on cost control and less of a focus on early vascular evaluation. He decided to help found San Diego Wound Care Center to help improve patient outcomes and provide better treatment.

As one of the wound care surgeons at SDWCC, Dr. Chang looks forward to helping patients heal and get back to their normal, day-to-day lives. He’s especially focused on informing the public on the wound care field because “there are so many different treatment options that oftentimes, patients miss out on the best care possible.”

As for his work in SDWCC, Dr. Chang is especially proud that his patients are treated by a single provider thorough the entire process. This means that Dr. Chang can deliver quality treatment of the highest degree, follow the patient’s progress closely, and tailor the process to the patient’s unique needs.

When asked about what wound care will look like in the future, Dr. Change answered honestly: “I wish I knew!”

There’s so much more to learn about our wound care surgeons. If you have any questions for them, about the wound care field, and what treatment options are available, contact San Diego Wound Care Center for a consultation. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions you may have, and we’re always here to help you get the care you need.


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