Four Ways a Wound Care Clinic Helps With Nutrition and Wound Healing

At least 6.5 million Americans are suffering from chronic wounds and the impact it has on both public health and the economy is becoming a major cause for concern.


But while the incidence of chronic wounds is expected to increase due to factors like an aging population, poor lifestyle choices and different medical conditions, the presence of a wound care clinic helps promote better prognosis in patients with chronic wounds in these four ways:



A wound care clinic helps evaluate the nutritional status of the patient

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in wound care because the body needs all the energy and nutrients necessary to promote efficient and speedy wound healing. A wound care clinic plays an important role in evaluating a patient’s nutritional status beginning with identifying malnutrition.


Several tests are conducted and a nutritional assessment tool is used to see if a patient’s delayed wound healing is due in part by malnutrition. This way, proper nutritional interventions can be planned to address the problem before things get worse.



A wound care clinic provides a full wound assessment

Aside from a patient’s nutritional status, a wound care clinic also assesses the wound and the different factors that contributed to it. Different medical conditions such as diabetes and vascular diseases usually lead to chronic wounds and poor wound healing. In order to create an effective treatment plan, proper assessment needs to be done first.



A wound care clinic uses proper techniques to promote healing

From wound cleaning to debridement, the practitioners at San Diego Wound Care Center only follow the proper techniques in caring for a chronic wound. These procedures have been developed for years and are continuously being improved to help speed up wound healing and give patients their quality of life again.


Wound care clinics also bring together healthcare practitioners from different disciplines to collaborate on the treatment of a patient’s chronic wound.



A wound care clinic oversees every step of a patient’s wound healing journey


Having a chronic wound can be overwhelming for a patient, especially if they’re also dealing with another medical condition that predisposed them to delayed wound healing.


This is when being with the right wound care clinic really matters because a healthcare team can help a patient with every step of their wound healing journey.


This includes helping a patient accept the realities of having a chronic wound, helping them understand the different steps to help promote healing, oversee their nutritional needs and provide the emotional support that they need to get through this journey with a positive result.


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While there are many factors that come into play when it comes to how a chronic wound progresses and heals there are also a lot of ways that a wound care clinic can help a patient get the most positive outcomes from treatment.


The journey to wound healing may be long, but with the help of the right people, it’s definitely going to be a lot better.




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