signs of wound infection

Ways to Tell If a Cut Is Infected

It is always a concern for everyone to check if a particular cut has signs of wound infection. In fact, an infected cut may lead to a serious illness when left untreated. Most cases that involve tiny cuts have greater chances of developing skin infections, such as MRSA, staph, or strep.




How to Determine If a Cut Has Been Infected


You should be able to tell if the cut you have has been infected by looking into the following signs.


  • There is swelling around the cut
  • It shows some redness
  • You experience local fever or the cut would feel hotter than the areas around it
  • You can observe draining pus or an oozing thick gooey material within the cut



If you experience any of these signs, then there is a great possibility that the cut is indeed infected. Therefore, it is important that you allow a healthcare provider to look into the cut before it becomes a major problem.



Doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants may provide antibiotics to be able to combat infection. If you leave alone the signs of wound infection, then you could be at risk of having your condition worsen.




Risk of a Worsened Condition


The worst case scenario when an infected cut has been left unattended is that it can develop into a full-body or systemic condition. So here are some of the things that you should look for to tell if you have indeed developed a worse infection.


  • Fever of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit – Aside from experiencing a warm feeling around the wound, you can also feel it around your body. This only means that your infection has already spread around your system.
  • Body aches – When you feel that your joints are becoming painful, including the areas around your cut, then you are at higher risk of infection.
  • Diarrhea or nausea – These are indicators that there is already an infection spreading from the local injury going into the other body systems.




Keep the Cut Clean


You can avoid getting your cut infected if you know how to keep it clean as it heals.  If you have soap and water, it can minimally keep your cut clean. You may also use some antibiotic ointment to alleviate the condition but it may not be necessary.



If possible, you can cover the cut using an adhesive bandage. However, you are advised to change it daily, as you wash the cut with soap and water every time.




Consult the Doctor


You may have developed an infection on the cut, so the best thing that you need to do is to see your doctor. This is because your doctor can prescribe and advise you on the application of antibiotics to eliminate the infection.



Antibiotics are available with a prescription, and each with their own function against different bacteria. The physician can also provide a particular medication for your infected wound.



Always be mindful of any cut that you may have because they can be exposed to bacteria. Once the bacteria grows inside the open wound, then take note of the signs of wound infection.




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