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Open Wounds and When to Visit a Wound Care Center

An open wound is an injury caused by accidents or sharp objects. It is the type of injury that exposes the internal tissue out in the external environment. Minor open wounds can be treated at home with home and natural remedies or medication.

For open wounds caused by serious accidents, proper medical care must be administered in the soonest amount of time possible.

What are the different types of open wounds?

  • Puncture – a wound caused by a pointy object like a needle, splinter, or nail. Although puncture wounds do not bleed that much, it is still required to visit a wound care center for your doctor to give you proper medication or tetanus shot to prevent infection. The same goes for puncture wounds caused by a bullet shot or knife that may damage deep muscle and tissue or internal organs.
  • Laceration – a tear in the skin due to accidents or sharp objects. A laceration can be a deep opening in the skin or a tear in the skin. Deep lacerations caused by sharp tools can cause extensive bleeding.
  • Abrasion – a type of open wound that occurs when the skin is rubbed on a rough or hard surface. It is also commonly called scrape which only produces minimal blood. Abrasions can be treated by sanitizing the wound and removing any debris to prevent infection.
  • Avulsion – is an open wound that bleeds heavily usually caused by gunshots and serious accidents. It can be a partial tearing of the skin and tissue or complete tearing of the skin. An open wound like an avulsion needs to be treated immediately by a professional from a wound care center.

Treatments for open wounds

Open wound treatments can be done at home or at a wound care center depending on the severity of the case. Minor open wounds can be treated at home while some open wound requires a trip to your doctor or nearest wound care center.

First, wash and disinfect the wound. The wound must be free from debris or dirt. Once properly disinfected, wrap the wound with a sterile bandage. But for minor wounds, it will heal without a bandage. Apply ice around the wound if you notice bruising or swelling. Clean your wound every day and change the dressing to keep it dry.

But there is a greater risk of infection if your open wound is not immediately treated. If your wound is ½ deeper or won’t stop bleeding after applying pressure or after 20 minutes, then you need to visit a wound care center for immediate medical care.

Also, if you see thick yellow or green liquid in your wound, increase in drainage, or smell a foul odor, see your doctor right away.

Professional Medical Help

Seeking professional medical help from a wound care center ensures proper wound care. Your doctor will apply appropriate techniques, treatment, and medication. In serious cases, this may require procedures to remove affected and infected tissue.

Whether you have a minor or serious open wound, it is important to apply a quick remedy. But a trip to a wound care center reduces the risk of wound infection and complication.

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